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Mary J's Cannabis

There is no art without intention. These four cannabis intentions will help paint your unique canvas. 

Blue Yellow Painting Symbolizing THC dominant 'Rest' Cannabis


Green vector waves

THC Dominant

Indica-based strains high in THC and low in CBD. These varietals will leave you feeling calm as you wind down for the night or gear up for a Sunday afternoon of cartoons.

Lightning Bolt


THC Leaning

Sativa dominant strains with more THC than CBD. When you're in need of a boost, these varietals will pick you up and take you for an enthusiastic ride.

Blue Yellow Painting Symbolizing THC leaning 'Energize' Cannabis
Green and black painting symbolizing CBD dominant 'restore' strains


Green cross outline

CBD Dominant

Mostly or all CBD with little to no THC. These varietals will help restore your body and mind with calming feelings of stillness. 

Orange and brown painting symbolizing even THC to CBD weed strains 'balance'


Hybrid strains with an even amount of THC and CBD. These varietals will find your centre and help bring a sense of peacefulness.

Even THC to CBD

Lotus flower green vector

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