Mary J's Cannabis 

"The Good Life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

Four friends hiking, smoking weed and enjoying the good life

Even with legalization, the stigma of cannabis use has lingered too long. We’re here to change that. Mary J’s aim is to make the buying experience more inclusive and human. The shade cannabis offers deserves to be sat in by all, for generations to come. 


We're creating this change by living what we call,    The Good Life. The Good Life means living in accordance with a few simple words:

Connection: Find and foster whatever relationships make you feel at home.

Earth: Mother Nature has given us plenty of amazing things to explore, cannabis being one of its finest. So we protect her with reverence.

People: Everyone has their own story to tell and we’re all ears. No judgement, no ridicule, just love.

Creativity: There’s a canvas out there waiting for you to leave your mark. Allow us to provide the paint brush. 

This is what keeps us moving. Come along for the stroll.

If you're ready to join in, check out our dispensaries now.


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